Shredded Chicken Noodle Soup

25 - 30 minutes


Cook Within:24 hours

25 Min

Effort :


Spice :


A simple, delicious Chinese noodle soup with a broth that you’d swear came from your favourite Chinese restaurant. Made with aromatic and asian flavours in a clear broth. This soup is so simple to make, nutritious and healthy!


Per serving (incl. Tax)


Nutrition Values

(Per Serving)
Calories 263.52
Total Fat 3.6g
Cholesterol 57.38mg
Sodium 835.8mg
Total Carbohydrates 33.89g
Protein 20.83g

Nutrition Values

(Per Serving)
  • Calories 263.52

  • Total Fat 3.6g

    • Saturated Fat 0.44g

  • Cholesterol 57.38mg

  • Sodium 835.8mg

  • Total Carbohydrates 33.89g

    • Dietary Fiber 0.98g

    • Sugar 1.88g

  • Protein 20.83g

Nutrition information per meal may vary from the website to what is received in adeli bag depending on your location and the suppliers we use to make our products.

In Your Bag

  • Chicken
  • Scallions
  • Light Soy Sauce
    Light Soy Sauce
  • Stock Cubes
    Stock Cubes
  • Sesame Oil
    Sesame Oil
  • Egg Noodles
    Egg Noodles
  • Chilli Paste
    Chilli Paste
  • Bok Choy
    Bok Choy
  • Garlic
  • Cooking Wine
    Cooking Wine
  • Ginger

You Will Need

Not Included in Bag

for 1 serving only

  • Pepper Powder (to taste)
  • Brown Sugar (4 gms)


  • Large Pot
    Large Pot
  • Saucepan
  • Soup Bowls
    Soup Bowls

Watch Video


  • 1

    Prepare Your Ingredients

    • Cut Bok Choy from bottom and set the stems aside.
    • Dice garlic and ginger.
    • Fine chop scallion (to garnish).
  • 2

    Prepare Chicken Broth

    • Set a sauce pan on medium high flame. Pour 200ml water per serving and put in the stock cube or mix.
    • Add light soy sauce, chinese cooking wine, sesame oil, brown sugar, ginger and garlic to the broth.
    • Simmer and allow the flavors to infuse (8 10 mins).
  • 3

    Shred Chicken

    • Boil some water in a pot and bring to boil. Set aside.
    • Place chicken breast in the pot and rest for 20 mins.
    • After 20 mins remove the chicken breast from the pot and use fork to shred the chicken.
  • 4

    Cook Noodles

    • Boil some water in a large pot and add some water.
    • Bring to boil and add noodles to the pot. Cook noodles until fully cooked.
  • 5

    Blanch Bok Choy

    • In the same pot boil water and place bok choy.
    • Boil for 1 minute remove bok choy from pot and set aside.
  • 6

    Bring it Together

    • In a soup bowl place noodles top with shredded chicken.
    • Add chicken broth bok choy and chili paste.
    • Garnish with scallions and pepper (if required) – serve hot!


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